Slow FlowYoga - This class is geared to beginners, where students learn the basic 

Vinyasa flow poses, while learning proper pose alignment.


Vinyasa Flow-  High paced flowing dance light movements. Our focus is to strength-

en, lengthen, and open the body.


​Restoration 1 -  Is a class designed to act as a therapy for anyone looking to create space and  alleviate compression in their bodies. Using bolster and straps we slowly loosen tension in the shoulders and hips, making room for the bodies natural juices to relieve chronic pain. Great in improving quality of life, range of movement. Ideal for people who suffer arthritis , fibromyalgia, stroke victims, reduces leg cramps, relieves  pain, sciatic  and high blood pressure... much more.

Senior Yoga- This classes is geared for the senior who lives an active lifestyle. We explore many sitting and standing poses, as well as balance. We make use of straps and blocks for added support in finding space and length. Also  the wall is used to add ease into certain poses. Our focus is to create Length and Strength while honoring the body.


Ignite your Core 

Engage your abdominal muscles with core yoga poses that build a strong and stable mind and body connection.  We Yogis  look at the core as both a precise physical and an energetic space, a place to be worked with both asana  (Poses) and attention ( awareness). Learning how to incorporate a strong focus on the core. this can help free practitioners from common injuries and will cultivate intelligence and strength beyond the mat.

Dynamic Foundation -This class is designed for the yoga novice.  Each pose is carefully explained and demonstrated as well as establishing proper pose alignment to promote optimal safety and stabilization. 

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