Gerri S. Varas RYI-200

Trauma Trained 100hr

Gerri found yoga after suffering a debilitating back injury. She began taking yoga to rehabilitate her back and remarkably found her calling in life. A late bloomer, Gerri finally discovered with her life's experience and knowledge of yoga she could teach others to heal themselves. Soon after she began training with YogaFit, which teaches in the Vinyasa flow style. Gerri had the opportunity to venture into owning her own studio. So like all decisions she closed her eyes and took a flying leap of faith into this next chapter of her journey.

Like a small seed she watches her studio grow into an amazing living breathing entity of healing and happiness. She often states that there is no more room in life for doubt and fear, and the we need to always move in constant forward motion with open hearts.

Justine Varas RYI 200

Justine has been studying informally and formally since she was a teenager. She's spent much time abroad exploring ancient cultures and cultivating their knowledge.  She openly gives from this font of wisdom and gracefully weaves this primordial wisdom with her yogis. We often refer to her as an old soul, as she loves to incorporate chakra healing into her practices allowing her students to release deep emotional folds of tension.

Come an experience this young sage in action. She is both a value to our studio, and our family.

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